Maria Case Study
Maria is a sedentary, 68-year-old woman who is overweight. She complains that her hands and feet are always cold and she tires quickly when cleaning the house. Maria comes in for a visit. When she comes in for a visit, her blood pressure is one-eighty-four over ninety-eight. She has edema around her ankles and legs. You are concerned about an echocardiogram that indicates Maria has an enlarged heart.
Identify two reasons why Maria will have tissue ischemia. How might this lead to hypoxia?
What are the two early and reversible changes that occur to tissue cells when they are hypoxic?
What specific type of cellular adaptation has taken place in Maria’s enlarged heart? What made you come to this conclusion?
This assignment will be scanned using Turnitin software. Turnitin is an online service that highlights matching text in written work. It indexes Internet sources, databases of subscription services, and written work submitted through its website. Assignments sent through Turnitin are scanned against all of its sources and a report is generated that summarizes and highlights matching text and where it was found. It is up to instructors and students to interpret the report to determine if plagiarism occurred.
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I have paraphrased a case study and need to know if it is ok in turnitin and any additional info you would like to add.

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