Green Line Donuts

Note: This is a fictional case study, and all analytics data, hyperlinks, URLs, and company information have no relationship to any existing organization.

You are the current lead on a digital marketing project for a company called Green Line Donuts, which provides door-to-door delivery of donuts. The donuts are boutique, with each delivery personalized to the receiver and containing a handwritten note. In the run-up to Valentines Day, the business has hired your team to improve its online marketing efforts. It is hoping to capitalize on the romantic day to boost sales of its new range of pink, heart-shaped donuts.
Currently, its website has a promotional web page that contains a short article about the Valentines Day special. Customers can place orders through a link found at the bottom of the page. The link to the web page is Green Line Donuts has also purchased display and search ads through Google as well as a targeted Facebook ad. The budget for this campaign, which is to be run over two weeks, is US$4,000.
To begin, you ask your marketing analyst to compile an analytics report on the Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads data for the current campaign. The analytics report is presented below:

Green Line Donuts Valentines Day special analytics report:

1. Google Analytics
Traffic from Facebook is the highest, with 42.86% of users being referred to the site from there. Most referrals appear to be coming from the Facebook page where a link to the blog page (i.e., was posted.
Traffic from the Facebook ad is also high, comprising around 10% of the overall Facebook referral traffic.
The bounce rate on the webpage is high, at around 68%.
Currently, the unique page views per session are around 1.74.
The keywords focused on in the blog are Valentines Day, donut, gift, and romantic.

2. Google Ads
The click-through rate (CTR) for the display ad is 0.14%, while the search ad shows a CTR of 1.91%.
The current cost per action (CPA) is about US$8 (as calculated by number of clicks, cost-per-click, and number of conversions). The price of a custom donut gift box is US$35, and the cost to produce one box is US$25.
The display ad has shown about 300 impressions in the last month, mostly on websites related to beauty and fashion.

3. Facebook Ads
The Facebook ad has been set up to target females aged 2125 situated in the same city as Green Line Donuts (i.e., Chicago, IL).
The Facebook ad has received double the impressions of the Google Ad and has a high CTR of 3%.

The owner of Green Line Donuts has explained that they would like to understand their current campaign better, with a view to adjusting their strategy. Sales have not been as high as expected, and the owner has a sense that the business might be targeting the wrong audience.
For this assignment, refer to the above analytics report as substantiation for your answers. Examine the information above and submit a written summary of your insights/findings, detailing what these results reveal about Green Line Donuts campaign and website performance.

Ensure to cover the following sections when writing your response:
Considering the business goal(s) of the campaign, which metrics can be used as measurable outcomes to gauge accomplishment of the goal(s)? What do the metrics reveal about the accomplishment of the goal(s)?
What could be the reasons for some of the results seen in this case study example, such as the high bounce rate or low CTR on the display ad?
In terms of integration, what observations can you make about how the websites performance is related to its ad performance, and vice versa? List three observations and explain them.
Would you choose any other metrics to use for analysis? If so, which metrics would you use and why?

Your response should be between 400 and 500 words in total.

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