You have been hired as a digital marketing analyst for Flood It!. Flood It! is a real puzzle game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in fewer than the allowed steps. Flood It! has Google Analytics 4 implemented. The mobile app data is flowing to the Google Analytics 4 demo project. The data available is typical of what you might see for a gaming app with in-app purchases.
Step 1
Gain access to a Google Analytics 4 demo account for Flood It!. Make sure when you access the demo account you navigate to the Property GA4 – Flood-It!
Step 2
Please answer the following questions for June-1, 2021 to June-30, 2021 timeframe. For each question also provide a screenshot of the section of the report you are using (only screenshots without answers will not be acceptable)

1. How many new users did the Flood It! mobile app have in June 2021?

2. How many new users were acquired through CPC in June 2021?

3. How many returning users (in thousands) did the Flood It! mobile app have in June 2021? In what day of June 2021, the number of returning users were at its maximum level?

4. How many level_reset_quickplay events occurred in June 2021? What percentage of them did occur by female users?

5. Which age group had the highest average engagement time? In minutes and seconds, what was the average engagement time for that age group?

6. Which day of June 2021 had the highest count for the event named screen view? What was the event count for screen view events on that day?

7. What was the total revenue in June 2021?

8. What was the average revenue per paying user in June 2021?

9. Flood It! uses first opens as a proxy for app installs. What was the first_open event count in June 2021?

10. Flood It! uses an audience called Crashing Users to track users that experienced an app crash. How many Crashing Users were there in June 2021?

11. Users acquired through which acquisition channel had the highest average user engagement time?

12. What were the total number of conversions by users who were acquired through Invite a Friend campaign?

13. Which two interest groups had the highest conversions and created the highest revenue? What were the revenues and conversions for those two groups?

14. Which device category had the highest average engagement time? What was the average engagement time in minutes and seconds for that device category?

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