Mask-wearing, social distancing, hygiene
People argue about the effectiveness of face masks. People also argue about vaccination against COVID 19. In week 6 you looked at vaccinations and wrote 2 arguments, one for vaccination and one against vaccination. This week you will look at mask-wearing, and you will look at doing nothing, masking only, social distancing only, vaccination only, and then combinations of the three and/or all three. You will then determine which course of action makes sense to you.
In the articles this week, you will see that not much has changed since the Pandemic in 1918. You will also see the data for masks from the Mayo Clinic and the CDC. You will then write an essay on wearing masks in a respiratory illness pandemic.
I am not requiring you to write about what you think I want to hear. That is not important to me. What I want is for you to write about what YOU think after looking at the evidence. But even more importantly, I want you to back up your opinion with facts, not hearsay, social media, news sound bites, or opinion pieces. Look at the actual scientific information. You are welcome to include your own sources, as long as they are ligament and sound science.
For this lab:
1. Read When Mask-wearing Rules in the 1918 Pandemic Face Resistance
2. Review your results from the COVDISM Lab
3. Do some research on mask-wearing resistance in the current pandemic
4. Read the 2 articles in the files provided.
5. Write a short essay on the use of masks during pandemics involving respiratory illness or droplet spread of disease (200 words)

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