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1. A pregnant patient receives the news that she has low iron according to the complete blood count (CBC) lab results. The patient panics and worries that there is something wrong. Your response to the patient is:

2. A newborn is delivered by Cesarean Section and weighs 4000 gms. As the nurse caring for the newborn you will complete the following action: Question 40 options: Avoid skin to skin with mother Heel stick for blood glucose Recommend formula feeding as a supplement Refrain from covering the newborn’s head with a hat to avoid overheating

3. Fertility Awareness Methods are best utilized by:

4. The purpose of applying pressure to the anus and perineal area with a sterile towel during the delivery of the fetal head is:

5. A patient in labour and delivery is hemorrhaging after the vaginal delivery of a 2800 gm newborn. You know that the most likely cause of hemorrhage is: Question 31 options:  Uterine atony Lacerations to the perineum and birth canal Placental abruption Retained palcental tissue

6. A pregnant patient reports having upper epigastric pain, a headache and pitting edema. You know that these are all symptoms of: Question 27 options: Preeclampsia Fatty liver disease Seizure disorder of pregnancy Eclampsia

7. When palpating a contraction, what criteria is the nurse assessing regarding the contraction?

8. you are assessing a non-hispanic black, 35 years old multipara at 24 weeks gestation.

9. You are coming onto shift and have been assigned Room #3. You receive report that the newborn in Room #3 is 39 weeks gestation, Large for gestational age, pink and feeding well. When you observe the newborn you see that the newborn weighs 3000 gms, is covered in lanugo and is feeding well. This observation concludes that: Question 14 options: The newborn is actually large for gestation age The newborn is actually intrauterine growth restricted The social worker needs to be contacted. The newborn is less than 39 weeks gestation

10. An newborn is delivered vaginally at 36 weeks gestation. You are aware that this newborn may :

11. The fetus has engaged and Mom has been pushing for 4 hours. The physician encourages an epidural to give Mom a rest. When the baby is finally delivered vaginally you notice the following:

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