Methodology Instructions: The final part of the research paper is to devise a proposed (hypothetical) methodology for studying your research question and the relationship between your independent and dependent variables. (NOTE: You are not actually collecting or analyzing any data.) Your paper should include a discussion of each of the following:
Methodology Sections:
Identify the key concepts from your research question
Discuss how you plan to operationalize the concepts into variables
Identify the independent and dependent variables and the different attributes each will take on
Identify the levels of measurement for the IV and the DV
Identify a hypothesis from your research question
Identify the unit of analysis or the target population
Identify the nature (i.e., direction) of the relationship between your IV and DV and explain why you would except to observe this relationship
Identify if you plan to utilize probability or non-probability sampling techniques
Describe what type of specific sampling method you will use and explain in detail how you plan to carry it out
Identify your sampling frame (if applicable)
Provide a rationale for the sampling method that you selected; why is it superior to other possible sampling techniques?
Identify any issues with your sample regarding generalizability or representativeness
Research OR Survey Design: Based on your particular research question, select one of the following design question sets to address
Research Design
Select and describe the research design that you plan to use
Identify the type of data that you plan to use (i.e., cross-sectional or longitudinal)
Identify potential threats to internal validity and give examples of specific threats that could occur (NOTE: if internal threats are not possible, explain why)
Identify potential threats to external validity and give examples of specific threats that could occur in this study
Survey Design
Select and describe the mode of survey administration that you plan to use
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the method you selected regarding your specific research question
Survey questions
Write 3 survey questions to measure your dependent variable
Write 3 survey questions to measure your independent variable
Paper formatting: Methodology should follow the same formatting requirements as the Literature Review (e.g., 12 point font, APA in-text citations [if applicable], 1 inch margins, etc.). This section should be written in complete sentences and you may use headings and numbering to answer each question. Please note that you should not simply be reciting back information that we discussed in this course, but tailoring it specifically to your research topic. Papers should be 2 -3 pages in length.
Use this essay to write the methodology paper.

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