A.         Choose TWO of the following questions and write two 300-word essays.  

1.       Explain the power of myth using examples of a fable, poetry and allegory. 

2.       Using examples from both religion and philosophy explain the relationship between God and human beings. 

3.       What did you learn about the concepts of “time”, “eternity”, “truth” and “goodness” through Plato’s allegory of The Cave?  Explain your answer. 

4.     Explain this word equation: Telos = Zoe Life = Fully Human = Supreme/Perfect Happiness 

5.    Explain the differences between the first and second creation accounts in the first two chapters   of the book of Genesis. 

       B. Choose TWO of the following questions and write two 300-word essays. 

1. What were the names of the two trees in the middle of the Garden of Eden?  Which tree did God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from and why?  What was the outcome of the story of Adam and Eve? 

2. Explain the Cain and Able story. 

3. How is the Noah story another creation account? 

4. The 40 days after Jesus baptism are very important.  Where does Jesus go?  What does he do?  Who does he talk to?  What is their conversation about? 

C. Choose TWO of the following questions and write two 300-word essays.

1. What does Gospel mean and how is it connected to the Kingdom of God? 

2. One very important moment in the life of Jesus is his baptism.  Recount the events explaining their significance.  What Old Testament story does this remind you of and why? 

3. Explain Jesus’ teaching of the Beatitudes (Matt 5). 

4. What are the “rules for life” according to Moses and Jesus? 

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