Project Guidelines

Data literacy is a vital component of psychology-related careers. Having the skills to understand, dissect, and critique research studies will benefit you in this course and beyond. For this project, you will critique the research study that you chose for the  assignment.

Critiques involve a balanced discussion of the research study, which means you will want to focus on both the strengths of the study and the limitations or areas of possible improvement. For your critique, you will analyze each section of the research study you selected.

This project builds on the skills you practiced in your Module Two and Module Four activities, as well as the Project Two Milestone assignment.

Rubric Summary

In grading this activity, 85% of your points will be allocated based on how well you answer the prompts for the following rubric criteria:

· Analyzes the introduction section of the research study.

· Analyzes the method section of the research study.

· Analyzes the results section of the research study.

· Analyzes the discussion section of the research study.

· Explains how the findings of this research study could apply to personal or professional life.

The remaining 15% of your grade will be allocated based on your use of correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, as well as your use of citations for any ideas requiring attribution.

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