Next, decide on how you will present the project. You must be able to talk about your subject without reading slides to the audience. Notecards are fine to use, but I want you to know the content, not just read it back to us. You must be prepared to answer questions from the instructor and other classmates. This is part of the assessment process. ( if you don’t mind can you make some notes for me to read to my class )
You will create a Prezi about the religion Paganism. Try to talk/hit of these points if possible
Multiple modes of media: text, images, graphs/charts, links, video, etc.
A high-level overview of the minor religions
Demographics of the religion: statistics of the number of adherents of that religion, in what populations is the religion prevalent, etc (use visuals here)
Leaders and/or Founder
Core beliefs and philosophies
Central religious books
Sacred symbols, rituals, and practices
Life stages
Contemporary issues and movements in the religion (if applicable)
Bibliography and Further Reading

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