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This is for my leadership class. As a 16-year-old in college, I was really shy having to talk to people 3 years older than me. I sat with strangers and made conversations with them to get out of my comfort zone. All the assignments we had helped me be able to engage, learn, understand, and understand myself as a person. I gained knowledge while we talked in our groups. Talking in groups helped me get to know people, their backgrounds, and what they’re going through. I was able to make connections. I followed our objectives(I made an attachment). Respected and accepted diverse groups of people. I learned about myself that just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean I can’t make an impact. I did the daily readings when needed so I would come to class prepared and gain something from that to be able to correlate to whatever we had to talk about in class. First, few classes were on zoom so it was harder to get to know people.
I wrote this out of order but just try to piece everything together, please. Thank you!

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