(No specific word count for this assignment)
For this final discussion, I want to look at your knowledge of methods. I want you to do two things.
For Part One (worth 3 points), create a very brief (and by brief, I mean BRIEF) study idea that includes at least one independent variable (with at least two levels) and at least one dependent variable. For example, I came up with this one:
“A researcher wishes to examine whether people high or low in self-esteem react differently to different kinds of therapy for depression. She takes a sample of 120 people (half have high self-esteem and half have low self-esteem) and randomly assigns them to one of three conditions (humanistic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a control group of no therapy). She records their level of depression after 3 months of therapy. Scores can range from 1 (very little depression) to 30 (extreme depression).”

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