Norma Washington was found living alone in squalor by policemen alerted to Norma’s condition by a concerned postman.
She had little food, was disoriented, malnourished, and confused. She was admitted to the medical surgical unit where she
was evaluated. Once it was determined that she was medically fit, Norma Washington was transferred to the psychiatric unit.
Please complete the Reflection Journal for the concept of Intracranial Regulation linked to your clients norma washington.
Submit a Reflection Journal answering these 4 questions:
1. What concepts do you think are important in this scenario and why?
2. What abnormal signs and symptoms did you recognize and how did you prioritize your care of this patient?
3. How would you change your actions or interventions if you had a second chance to care for this patient?
4. How would you apply what you have learned from this scenario to future patients?

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