Note: SPSS allows you to set an option so the syntax code is saved in the output or you can paste code directly into a syntax window by clicking the mouse on ‘Paste’ before running a procedure. Then save the syntax window into a syntax file (really a txt file that can be copied into Word) before ending the SPSS session.
The Assignment: (1 page of narrative plus charts and SPSS syntax code)
Description of the steps you took to conduct your statistical analyses.
Summary of your statistical ***
Narrative description
Tables and graphs (Be careful – too many tables and graphs decreases clarity)
Be sure to include your SPSS codebook as well as the syntax code used in SPSS to conduct your statistical analyses. The page length of your code may vary according to the types of analyses conducted.
**Please include the following header on this Assignment.**
One simple statement for each. This helps you and the instructor keep track of what you are attempting.
Dependent Variable:
Independent Variable(s):
Null Hypothesis:
Alternate Hypothesis:
Statistical Test:
***Note: Do not attempt to explain your results in this section; only report your findings.

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