NS110- M5.3 Initial Post

Review the readings and videos for this week along with the information in the interactive module.  First – Select one of the following topics to research for your initial post: 

• Super foods: select one of those mentioned in the New Scientist article by Williams, C. A blueberry a day.

• GMO food crops: Genetically Modified Crops are a controversial topic for some countries and certain groups. Visit the Department of Agriculture web site: https://www.ers.usda.gov/webdocs/publications/45179/43668_err162.pdf   

• Dietary supplements, such as vitamins, protein powders or probiotics: (Select one of these to examine) You can find information on each of these supplements in the Excelsior College Library Resource Guide for module 5– https://libguides.excelsior.edu/NS110

• Organic foods: You can find information about the meaning of this term “Organic” in this week's readings and in the Excelsior College Library Resource Guide for module 5– https://libguides.excelsior.edu/NS110  

• Lab-grown Meats and Meat Substitutes: The latest technology development is intended to give us meat substitutes that look and taste just like meat such as the Impossible Burger or the Beyond Burger. Now there are labs growing muscle tissues from animals, shrimp, and fish to replace farm-raised animals. You can find information about these products in this week's readings and in the Excelsior College Library Resource Guide for module 5– https://libguides.excelsior.edu/NS110

Next- Research your selected topic using the module resources and by locating at least 2 other reliable, objective sources from the EC library or Google Scholar only. First, check the Excelsior College Library Resource Guide (Links to an external site.)for module 5.

Finally - Create your initial post of at least 250 words, responding to the following prompts:  

• Explain your selected topic what it is and why it is important to you 

• Discuss the positive aspects of this issue, how is it good for us? What are the aspects of this topic that would benefit society the most?  

• Discuss the negative aspects of this topic. Is it hyped by the media, is the public information available about it scientifically accurate?  Do the food items in this topic actually provide the benefits it claims to provide? 

• What is the most important aspect that you want everyone to know about your topic?  

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