Objective: Choose a writing prompt from the list below and draft, write, edit and submit an analytical literary essay. The essay is meant to assess to what extent you can identify a symbol, motif, or theme in Oedipus Rex; understand how it works; take it apart, and provide textual support. You are analyzing, NOT summarizing.
3-4 pages typed; MLA; size 12 Times New Roman font; double-spacing; 1- inch margins
a clear thesis and arguments
a formal writing style evidence to support each argument with page numbers
relevant analysis
This is the topic I chose:
A theme presented throughout the course of Oedipus the King is that free will is limited and humans are powerless against fate. In an argumentative essay, determine whether humans have the will to make their own choices or if they are bound by some other entities’ plans. Use Oedipus and other examples to prove your reasoning.

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