O’Neill works to build a better world by helping people solve complex problems at the crossroads of policy, management, and science. We promote sound decisions, well-managed organizations, just and healthy societies, and a sustainable environment through education, scholarship, and civic engagement. We give our students the knowledge and skills to have a significant impact in diverse settings around the globe.

Explain how your academic and career goals align with the mission of O’Neill?

Piece of my own information: parents are entrepreneurs who started a private enterprise with their own hands(mainly e-business). I myself was heavily influenced by my parents and showed my interest in “playing” with money (numbers) in young age. Academically, I prefer working with numbers to words. The ideal of my career goal is to bring my parents’ products out internationally. To sell products across different countries, understanding the culture, policy is crucial to success.
No more than 500 words.

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