Our current Discussion is dedicated to the Neoclassical and Romantic styles, and this time, we have two paintings for consideration, The Coronation of Napoleon by David (Neoclassical) and Shooting on the Third of May by Goya (Romantic). These two artworks were created approximately at the same time; however, they could not be more different, as they clearly represent two different art styles (Neoclassical and Romantic).
Describe what differences you see between these two works, besides the subject. Additionally, provide a sentence or two on how David’s work represents Neoclassical style, and Goya’s, Romantic.
Do these two works evoke different types of emotions?
Are there similarities between either of these works and Renaissance or Baroque works that we have studied earlier?
Image of The Coronation of Napoleon by David (Neoclassical)
Image of Shooting on the Third of May by Goya (Romantic)

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