• Research proposal should have a good discussion flow.
• All abbreviated terms should be written in complete form upon first appearance in the text followed by its short-form. For example, World Health Organization (WHO).
ABSTRACT: (200 words)
• Please provide a short summary of the whole research proposal.
1. INTRODUCTION (4 in-text citations required)
• A comprehensive coverage of the proposed topic of study with few current issues provided.
1.2 Research Problem/ Problem statements (>2 in-text citations required)
• The content should reflect on the major issues (current/previous researches) that can be encountered by current study.
*DO NOT mention the research objectives here.
2. RESEARCH QUESTIONS (4-5 research questions in bullets form)
• Formulate the problem inquiry in structured format. All research questions formulated shall be able to match with the research title.
3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES (4-5 research objectives in bullets form)
*This part very important, need to be concise
• This is the summary of the key issues being addressed in the research in statement format. The total number of research objectives should match with the research questions formulated.
4. SCOPE OF STUDY (in-text citation is not mandatory) (15 bibliographies required, within recent 10 years.
Below three things required when place order
Research area:
Computer science
Title of research proposal:
Research on Data Mining Algorithm Based on Association Rules and Similarity
Data mining, algorithm

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