Paper Assignment: Outline: 6-8 pages of text (excluding title and reference pages).
Title page.
Clear opening/ purpose statement listing all objectives of the paper; identifies the health concern/ population that will be addressed in the paper.
Literature Review: explores the research and body of evidence around the effectiveness of yoga as a healing and therapeutic modality for the specific health concern or population. Reviews a minimum of 5 relevant peer-reviewed articles published in the last 5 years.
Relates yoga benefits to specific health concern/ population.
Describes how yogic modalities may be used in the following areas to support healing: clinical arenas, community settings, and for personal use.
Conclusion: summarizes the findings and describes areas for future research in yoga with the chosen population/ health concern.
Reference list page.
Uses APA format: see paper rubric. Cites all facts with appropriate references throughout the paper.
2.4 points
-Opening paragraph clearly states purpose of paper and objectives. Engages the reader.
-Paper flows logically from subtopic to subtopic, with paragraphs using clear, varied, and effective transitions.
-Each point supports and develops the thesis.
-Employs words with fluency; careful choice to create scholarly tone.
-Ideas are connected and fluid.
-Concluding statement synthesizes paper;s ideas.
Score of Criterion 1 Organization Weight 20%,/ 2.4
Criterion 2 Content Weight 60%
7.2 points
-All required elements of assignment are addressed
-Consistent analysis which is thought provoking and original
-Synthesis of ideas; leads to a unified whole
-Conceptualizes integration of knowledge
-Utilizes best current evidence and literature to support claims.
Criterion 3 APA- Editing & Grammar Weight 20%
2.4 points
-Paper consistently follows accurate APA formatting which supports content and overall quality
-Title page, use of correct level headings, in-text citations, reference list, double spacing, pagination, 1inch margins, paragraphs indented properly, acceptable font, spelling and grammar are correct
-Reference list properly formatted
-Accurate use of direct quotes
Score of Criterion 3 APA- Editing & Grammar Weight 20%,/ 2.4
Score of Paper Rubric,/ 12

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