Paper Rubric (up to 5 points each)—must be about Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
State thesis clearly–what are you trying to say? Be direct! This should be no more than a
paragraph at the beginning. Also, have a descriptive title consistent with your topic.
How you use evidence to support your statements–did you cite correctly? In simple terms,
back up your argument. Always cite quotes and any claim a casual reader wouldn’t believe! If
you need a citation style to follow, see the ASA Quick Tips Style Guide at the end of the syllabus.
Analysis consistent with thesis statement. Be consistent throughout the paper. The thesis/intro
statement should match the rest of the paper, and vice versa.
Mechanics are good (grammar, sentence structure, and diction). To avoid long run-on
sentences, where papers can get lost, write shorter sentences. Also, avoid colloquial and vague
Use of in-class readings. For a weekly assignment, you can just reference the reading for that
week/set of weeks pertaining to the question you’re responding to. If it’s a term paper, then you
don’t have to use all in-course readings but demonstrate understanding of at least three of them,
plus one scholarly source away from the syllabus. Term papers will be graded more strictly.
Be original! Use your own words to describe/analyze. What does the topic/prompt mean to
you? Limit quotes to one sentence.

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