Part 1: CSLO Assignment
(1) Briefly describe someone, either a real person or a fictional character, that you consider an exceptional example of true heroism. (2) Discuss your core beliefs regarding the meaning and value of heroism. As you elaborate your beliefs about heroes and heroism consider why you believe what you believe. (3) Specifically, explain where did your beliefs originate or come from.
Guidance Questions:
When you think of heroes or heroism, what character qualities come to mind?
What values and virtues do you associate with heroes?
Was it the heroic models of your youth, the images presented in entertainment, or people in your life?
Based on discussion in this class, has your view of heroism changed? And if so how?
Part 2: Additional Course Assignment
Select a hero myth that you read this semester, and which you saw as meaningful, and compare/contrast the hero of that story with your conception of heroism. Consider the cultural heroic characteristics that you may have discussed in class (i.e. the Germanic hero, Homeric hero, Virgilian hero, Rank/Raglan’s hero, Campbell’s hero, etc.). How closely does the mythic hero you have selected model the characteristics you believe are important? Does that mythic hero exhibit qualities that would lead you to expand or alter your view of heroism? Give clear and specific examples from the story to illustrate your points.

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