Irregular Verbs in the Past Simple Tense (gap-fill)

1. Complete the gaps with an irregular verb in the past simple tense. Choose from:

be, break, buy, come, drive, eat, feel, find, get, give, go, have, hear, hold,

know, let, lose, make, put, read, ring, run, say, sleep, take, think, tell, write

Note: you will need to use some verbs more than once:

Dear Oséias

I’m writing to tell you about something that happened yesterday. I__________ up at

the usual time – about 10 am –__________ a shower and__________ breakfast. I

__________ a big bowl of cereal and some toast and watched TV for a while. Then I

__________ into the kitchen where I __________ a funny noise. I __________it

__________ from behind the cooker. I __________ my tool box and moved the cooker

out of the way.

The noise__________ louder but I couldn’t see anything. I__________ my uncle to

image26.pngask his advice. He__________ that he__________ it could be a gas leak. When I

__________ this I just panicked! I __________ the phone down, __________

outside,__________ in my car and__________ to the local police station. I

__________ them about my gas leak but the constable __________ his patience with

me. He__________ that I should have phoned the gas company. He__________ his

report, then__________ the gas company for me.

Then I remembered that my house doesn’t have gas – only electricity! I__________ really stupid and__________ that the constable would be angry with me for wasting his time, so I__________ out of the police station while he__________ still on the phone. I__________ home to try to find out what the noise__________. On the way I__________ a newspaper and I__________ about an escaped llama that

__________ out of the city safari park last Wednesday.

When I__________ home I__________ my key in the door, turned it,__________ inside and straight away__________ that funny noise again. I__________ my breath and opened the door slowly. Guess what? I__________ the llama hiding in my cupboard! I__________ him stay and he__________ in my garden last night. The snoring

__________ so loud! This morning I __________ him back to the safari park. They

__________ really pleased to see him again and __________ me a reward of £50!

Hope you are well. Write soon and let me know how you are.

Your friend,


2. Fill in all the gaps, with the right form of the verb in brackets.

William Shakespeare image1.wmf(be) born in Stratford-on-Avon on April 23, 1564. He image2.wmf(go) to the local Stratford Grammar School, where he image3.wmf(be) image4.wmf(teach) by Master Walter Roche. Lessons began at six o'clock in the morning in the summer in order to make the most of daylight.His father image5.wmf(be) image6.wmf(call) John Shakespeare a Stratford upon Avon glove-maker. He image7.wmf(send) William to the local grammar school in 1571, but when William image8.wmf(be) only 14 years old his fortunes fell so low that William image9.wmf(have) to leave school. Some historians say he image10.wmf(work) in his father's shop.At the age of 19 William image11.wmf(to marry) Anne Hathaway the daughter of a rich farmer near Stratford. Three years later Shakespeare image12.wmf(go) to London. How he image13.wmf(live) there we do not know.In about 1587 he image14.wmf(become) a member of one of the few theatrical companies which image15.wmf(exist) in those days. Around 1590 he image16.wmf(begin) to try his hand at writing plays. There image17.wmf(be) no female actors in those days, all the female parts image18.wmf(be) image19.wmf(play) by boys. It is thought that he image20.wmf(write) his first major play, Henry VI., Part One, in 1592.His most famous play, Hamlet, image21.wmf(be) probably first seen in 1601 at the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare image22.wmf(continue) to write about 2 plays a year.He image23.wmf(return) to Stratford in 1612, where he image24.wmf(live) the life of a country gentleman. He image25.wmf(die) of a fever on his birthday in 1616.























About eight weeks after she _________ her dream book, Glenna _________ driving down a California freeway. Suddenly a gorgeous red and white Cadillac _________ her. She _________ at the car because it _________ a beautiful car. And the driver _________ at her and _________, and she _________ back. He _________ her for the next fifteen miles. He _________, she _________… and eventually she _________ him.

After their first date, Jim _________ Glenna a dozen roses. They _________ for two years, and every Monday morning she _________ a red rose.

image27.jpgThen she _________ out that Jim _________ a hobby. His hobby _________ collecting diamonds.

They _________ the traditional wedding Glenna _________, and Jim _________ their honeymoon destination – it _________ St John’s Island in the Caribbean. Then they _________ into their beautiful new home.

Glenna didn’t _________ Jim about the dream book for almost a year after they _________ married.

Eight months after she _________ her dream book, Glenna _________ vice-president of human resources in the company where she _________ – it _________ her dream job. This sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s a true story.

ACCORDING TO THE TEXT ABOVE: Mark the sentences TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false ones.

a. ____ She met her future husband in California.

b. ____ She met him at work.

c. ____ He gave her roses every day.

d. ____ His hobby was collecting diamonds.

e. ____ They had a traditional wedding.

f. ____ They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

g. ____ They moved into a new house.

h. ____ Glenna told Jim about her dream book before they got married.

i. ____ She left her job.

a. ________________________________________________

b. ________________________________________________

c. ________________________________________________

d. ________________________________________________

e. ________________________________________________

f. ________________________________________________

g. ________________________________________________

h. ________________________________________________

i. ________________________________________________

Write a short letter to your best friend talking about the last time you went on holiday.

· When did you go?

· Where did you go?

· Who did you go with?

· How did you travel?

· Where did you stay?

· How long did you stay?

· What did you do there?

· Did you enjoy it?



























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