Personality Disorders
Having a personality disorder can considerably influence our emotional intelligence. Discuss this claim (by providing evidence for and against) using 1 or 2 types of personality disorders as examples.Essay:
– Provide relevant answers to the question(s)
– Should be descriptive
– Should be evaluativeContents:
– Introduction
– Main body (can include subheadings)
– Conclusion
– NOT to be confused with a research project ( Abstract, Intro, Methods, Results, Discussion) You do not need all these sections for your essayTemplate:
-Title page
– References pageComponents of a Criical Evaluation:
-Critical evaluation  assignment question that asks you to critically evaluate something is seeking a balanced debate
Consider positive aspects alongside negative aspects of the thesis
-Critical evaluation is used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an article, in order to evaluate the usefulness and validity of research results
-Be mindful of the date of publication
How old, how recent? Critically evaluate findings based on date
Any more recent findings that support or refute older ones?Abbreviations:
-Introduce an abbreviation before you start using it
– Usually abbreviations are used for terms that will recur frequently throughout your paper. e.g., Physical activity (PA) and alcohol consumption (AC) are positively associated. While PA is a health behaviour, AC is a health risk behaviour.

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