Research the business climate of Mexico by applying PEST analysis.

Political 1 page
Include an overview of Mexican political development in relation (but not limited) to its government, main political parties, stability, friendliness toward international businesses (e.g., taxes, potential confiscation) and how their system is different or similar to the U.S.

Socio-cultural 2 pages
Social- cultural analysis, include demographics, such as population trends, the age distribution, per capita income, percentage living in urban versus rural areas, and important and distinct cultural factors, e.g. religion, language, family, values, rituals.

Economic 3 pages
Include the degree to which Mexico is a free market vs. a government-controlled market, current growth stage, a recent history of growth, growth projections, principal industries and exports, and principal trading partners.
What are their top 10 exports and imports?
Who are their top 5 trade partners, in other words, who do they export the most, and who do they import the most from?
Do they have trade deals with them?
Are they members of the WTO?
Have they benefitted from the WTO, and if so, in what way? And finally, explain by providing 3 examples of how Mexico has won or lost with NAFTA.

Technological development 1 page
Include data regarding Mexican technological advancements in terms of research funding, manufacturing, legislation, intellectual property issues, technological education, etc. Lastly, you must conclude with a brief summary of the general business climate in Mexico. Furthermore, if you were Multinational Company, would you invest in that country? Explain your answer.

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