Pick a place in the world outside of the United States that you would like to travel to, and a specific music and culture you want to study when there.
Do on-line library research to find at least 3 scholarly journal articles on your chosen city/country, music, culture
Read the materials you find
Then, answer the following questions
Where do you plan to in the world (exact city, country)?
What is the style, genere of music you plan to study?
What are the names of the musical instruments used in this music?
Why did you chose this place and music culture (why is it interesting and/or meaningful to you)?
List your 3 sources in the correct bibliographic format. Use Chicago Manual of Style (NOT MLA or APA) – see link below
The Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date Citation Guide.pdf
The Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date Citation Guide.pdf
CWPS Proposal 2007.pdf
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