Please choose one of the following works for your final paper:
– A Raisin in the Sun
– Fences
– Death of a Salesman
– The Joy Luck Club
– The Deep End of the Ocean
– The Namesake
– Black and Blue
– The Color of Water
– How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent
– Go Tell It On The Mountain
1. Give a description of the family in the work you have read; who are the members; what are their relationships with one another – use concepts learned in class to discuss relationships (e.g. triangles; enmeshment; disengagement; cut-offs etc.) Do not simply summarize the plot – focus on relationships and overarching themes. 3 to 4 pages
2. Describe the problem(s) the family or certain members are dealing with; describe the impact of the family’s context on their problems (e.g. migration, minority status, gender, social class, outside systems, etc.); include the solutions they have attempted. 2 to 3 pages
3. Imagine you are the family therapist for this family. Discuss briefly the model or models of family therapy you would choose for your work and why you selected these; design two interventions that you would attempt with this family and explain why you chose these. Use references from the books and articles used this semester, and others you want to include. 2 to 4 pages
4. Provide APA format citations in the text and for the reference list.

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