please read all instruction.
Topic Selection
Your essay must use Annihilation and one of the sources I
provide (see “Research” below). Pick a topic based on them instead of
trying to make them fit your topic later.
I have given you brief introductions to the Anthropocene, but you
will likely need to do more research to pin down what about the Anthropocene
you will focus on.
Revisiting the Fourth National Climate Assessment could be
Also, just Googling stuff could give you a sense of things.
You may write about any issue that is linked to the Anthropocene.
Perhaps you are interested in issues of race, gender, class,
environment, globalization, capitalism, food, population, war, or something
else. All of these things take a very specific shape when thought about in
terms of the Anthropocene. These topics are too vague for this assignment;
they are just examples of starting points.
You cannot use the topics from my weekly lectures.
Other than that, pick
whatever topic you want that completes the assignment

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