please read the directions and follow. I have attached a rough copy of what my topic is on but I need you to go more in depth.
This is my professor’s recommendation on what I should add:
1.)This is a great idea. However, since service tablets already exist pick a current restaurant or establishment you know do not already utilize this tablet.
2.)Also select a single location in a specific zip code. This will help you obtain specific demographic information on your target market
Please add these in.
Step 1: Read the rubric below to develop a scope of work. In this assignment, students will develop a marketing plan for their approved product or service topic (do not repurpose the topic from your practice papers). The final marketing plan is a presentation, not a paper. Students will post the presentation to Turnitin in the final presentation assignment folder in Week 8 of Blackboard by Saturday of week 8 at 11:59 PM.
Step 2: Create a presentation that shares the marketing plan for your product and service. Use the lessons learned from the practice papers and discussions. Structure your marketing plan to include the following information:
Describe your product or service.
Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your product or service. Choose four (4) sections from this list to include in your marketing strategy.
Marketing mix
Positioning strategy
Product and industry life cycles, channels of distribution
Social media strategy
Develop a competitive analysis incorporating 8 methods of differentiation between your product/service and your competitors; include a SWOT table and analysis that depicts the differentiation.
Include at least ten references.
Step 3: Prepare a Kaltura or screencast of your presentation of your marketing plan. “Standalone” PowerPoints, Google Slide, ArcGIS Story Map, or Prezis with embedded speech are not acceptable presentation formats.
Find the link to your multimedia project, create a Word document that you will submit to TurnItIn that will include this link. You will also need to include a statement of at least 20 words within the Word document for TurnItIn to accept your submission.
A suggested write-up for the Word document:
Include your name and the date
“Within this Word document, I am submitting my final project for class #. In order to access my project please use the following link: “
Your presentation should not exceed 15 minutes in length (the time limit for a free presentation using the apps is fifteen minutes).
You may convert the Kaltura or screencast to YouTube if desired.
Post the link into TurnItIn for grading and to the week 8 discussion board as your main post by Saturday at 11:59 PM.
Test the links to be sure they work — either as a hyperlink or if it is copied/pasted into a browser.

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