Reflection Paper Instructions
 Your paper should be 2-3 pages (not to exceed 4). Short and sweet is preferred!
 Single-spaced, and following the format found in the sample paper below.
 Satisfy the elements found below (labeled A, B, and C). The paper will be graded based on
quality of responses to the prompts and quality of writing.
 This is a college paper, and the writing should reflect that. If you need help with your
writing, please contact the writing center.
 PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! There will be consequences, ranging from
losing points (if you exceed Turn-it-in’s 15% plagiarism score) to referral to the Dean of
Students. If you need to use a direct quote, you must cite it properly. (Yang, 2017, p. 146).
A. Select 2 of the following questions/prompts to address in your paper:
1. Evaluate the role that the grandmother played throughout the memoir. In what ways did it
stay the same? In what ways did it change? What caused the changes? Give multiple
examples, including the naming of new babies.
2. The power of language was a recurring theme in the book. Evaluate how language factored
in to the family’s experience throughout the book.
3. What role does religion or spirituality have in the family’s journey?
4. How does the author begin to paint a picture of life in Laos before she was born? What Laos
like? How does she know what life was like in Laos if she wasn’t there? What part of her
description did you find most compelling? What kind of picture is she painting?
5. How does Yang and her family make it to Thailand? How does she describe this journey?
How did they make it from Thailand to the United States? How were these journeys
different? How were they similar? Why was her grandmother hesitant to leave?
6. What is life like for Yang’s family in Minnesota? What problems are they no longer facing?
What new challenges has life brought in America? How does Yang feel about this? How do
her parents feel? What are everyone’s expectations?
7. What is the importance of the grandmother’s funeral? How does this define the book? How
does Yang present it? How does this demonstrate the lessons she’s learned along the way?
B. Cultural Psychology Theme: Consider Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension Theory. Identify
one or more dimension of culture that you noticed in Yang’s memoir. How did her story
help you understand the dimension and cultural difference in that dimension on a deeper

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