Please use the attached sources to write the below legal memo, you may not need to use all the sources but there should be several used. Please create in text citations.
Legal Memo
Privacy and the Press
You are a staff member at a British tabloid that constantly reports on celebrities in the UK and Europe. The chief editor is worried that his reporters might be crossing the legal boundaries. He asks you to prepare a memo, which he will circulate among all the reporters, that explains what can and cannot be done according to the case law set out by the EctHR. Half of the memo should explain in plain language what the case law indicates. The other half should address three actual tabloid news articles you have located on the internet (the internet features many option for celebrity gossip), with a clear commentary as to whether the articles are acceptable according the EctHR jurisprudence. The entire memo should be 4-5 pages and should include links to the news article you discuss.
Celeb article 1 –
Celeb article 2 –
Celeb article 3 –

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