Please use the same family from the movie in Assignment #2 and answer the following questions by completing a powerpoint presentation with voice-over as you walk me through your slides. (powerpoint will be completed on flipgrid)
Provide a brief summary of your case (e.g., the child you are focusing on; their presenting issues).
Given the presenting issues the child/family was facing, apply knowledge from the text book, class readings, and/or articles from experts and identify an evidence-based intervention (e.g., a specific therapeutic intervention; skills-based intervention, etc.) to address one or more of the presenting issues. This will require some research on your part. Provide an overview of this intervention and how it would be applied to the client. Make sure you cite your sources!
Identify at what age this intervention would be used (e.g., when the character was a young child, adolescent, or young adult). Explain why you chose this intervention specific to your child or family’s issue, strengths, culture, and developmental stage? What outcomes would you hope to achieve with this intervention?
What are the possible barriers/challenges to implementation, whether specific to your child/family or the actual intervention? Is the evidence-based intervention you selected culturally responsive to your child/family’s: race/ethnicity/religion/gender/cultural background? If not, how can you adjust for that?
Format requirements:
Powerpoint presentations should be roughly 5-10 minutes long.
Accurate grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics are required for ALL written work. Spelling and grammatical errors may result in a maximum deduction of 10%.
At least 2 citations needed about your selected intervention.
Headings are useful to provide direction in your writing and are a part of APA formatting.

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