Portfolio Assignment: 30 % of your final grade will be based on the work you have included in your portfolio.
You will choose your portfolio entry from the work you produced for this course.
One (1) revised researched argument essay
YOU ARE ONLY REQUIRED to revise the researched argument.
Reflective Essay Assignment
You should consider this as an essay assignment, arguing for the therotical moves made in your essay revisions. I consider this an extremely important piece of writing because it shows how you write now, without any feedback from me. It is important that you give it your time and attention.
Be sure to discuss how what you learned this semester – for example, from reading South Side, from lectures, from peer review, including feedback you received from me and your peers – have helped you to revise your final essay. You should expect to use the reflective essay to review and assess your own writing style for strengths and weaknesses. Be transparent about your strengths and weaknesses.
Your reflective essay will
Identify problematic areas and describe the specific changes made to the essay.
Examine how these changes have impacted the final, polished essay.
To structure this essay, you should have an introduction that introduces yourself to the reader. Then, you will have separate paragraphs where you discuss your revised essay. You will also need a conclusion, which will generalize your strengths and what you still need to work on for the writing you will do in your future college courses. Your reflective essay should be about 3-4 pages long, edited carefully for grammar and mechanics. It should be a very polished, finished product.
Revised Essay
Consider revising in three phases.
First phase: Global Revisions. Read my comments about organization and development of your ideas. Your essays should be revised for content, organization, and development. If on your first attempt you did not meet the minimum page length requirement, now is your opportunity to develop your paper further to meet the goals of the assignment.
Second phase: Grammar and Mechanics. Since this is the final product, you will have to pay attention to grammar and mechanics. In other words, grammar will “count” in this final product.
Third phase: Polish and Present. Read to catch errors that spell check will not catch, such as words that are spelled correctly but are not the words you want to use. Be sure that each of your essays, including the reflective essay, is presented in the MLA format.

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