For Paper #3, you will be writing an analysis of Arthur Miller’s play, “The Crucible.” The essay should be 3 to 5 pages long in MLA format. You’ll also be required to incorporate outside sources into your paper. I have provided 5 essays from the following book:
Arthur Miller’s The Crucible (Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations (Hardcover)) New Edition
Look it up on Amazon for the Works Cited page information if you choose to incorporate any quotes/paraphrases into your paper from any of these five essays taken from this book. You’re free to use other sources you find as well. Just be sure and cite them inside your paper (embedded citations) and include the sources on a Works Cited page (per MLA format). There will be no rewrites for this paper, so be sure and have the paper proofread before you turn it in!
For this assignment, please create an outline for Paper #3 and upload that outline here.

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