Prepare a 2 – 3 minute speech
Tell us about your culture (African American Community) by analyzing the role that communication plays in your culture. As a part of your speech, you need to define and explain your personal, social, and cultural identity. Define intercultural communication competence and how this impacts interpersonal communication in relationships.
You need to organize your presentation by creating a full-sentence outline. Once you have created this, transform your outline into a key word outline, containing key words only. You will submit your outline, along with a word document that has a LINK to your speech. Please read and use the attached instructions for recording and uploading your speech. You MUST follow these directions EXACTLY, as this is a requirement of the UHD Assessment Committee.
Please review the attached tip sheet to help you prepare. The “best practices” video linked below includes basic tips for recording presentations, as well as video instructions for students to assist them in the uploading process:
The “Best Practices” video for students can be found here: https://youtube/1xcYAM5umQY
Video Instructions for uploading a video (TTLC) can be found here:

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