Prepare a paper on the Form 990 of the Wounded Warrior Project to include the following:
A brief overview of your entity.
Discuss what a Form 990 is, what is its focus, what are its major sections and requirements, and what it’s intended to do.
Discuss who are the Form 990’s actual intended users – who and why is the form intended for (what is NOT expected is a fund-by-fund accounting of figures, performance, balances, etc.).
Show the mission statement and identify if the mission is accomplished
Compare prior year to current year
Show split between mission/program work and management & support
Data visuals/graphs/analytics
Show how modern technology (e.g., RPA) can help the entity
Finally, compare the Form 990 to your NFP entity’s annual report (if they don’t have an annual report, find an annual report from another NFP) and discuss the different audiences / needs / users / purpose of same.

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