Prepare a Power Point presentation (in MS PowerPoint) based on the data and your analysis in Excel file. Included Page Notes for each slide and add Voice Narrations as if you were presenting this information to the executive board.
Title slide with the Title, your full name, and Date
The 2nd slide should contain the executive summary of the report (no more than 120 words).
The content slides should contain visuals, charts, graphs, tables, and any verbiage to assist in demonstrating a full data analysis.
Present separately in 2018, 2019 and the comparison between 2018 & 2019 on:
Monthly Sales Overview
Top 10 Customers
Top 10 Products
8 Product Categories
Top 10 Regions
The final slide(s) should contain your recommendations/suggestions based on the data analysis.
Remember to add Slide Notes on all slide’s notes page (under View –> Notes Page –> add notes at “Click to add text” for each slide)
The Slide Notes play the role as presentation references which assisting the presenter as reminder during the presentation.
15 points will be deducted if student failed to add Slide Notes on all slide’s notes page.
Also, add Voice Narration on all slides. Watch the videos listed under “Project Resources” on how to add Voice Narration in PowerPoint Presentation.
30 points will be deducted if student failed to add Voice Narration on all slide.
FYI: on average, I find that the most successful projects contain around 20 slides.
After completing all three (3) parts of the Data Analysis Reports, submit your work to the designated Dropbox by clicking “Activities” on the top –> select “Assignments” from the drop-down menu –> click on “Dropbox: Culminating Project” to attach all three (3) files – MS Word (.docx), MS Excel (.xlsx), and MS PowerPoint (.pptx) for grading.
Students who failed to submit Culminating Project (all 3 files) in the assigned Dropbox in D2L and NOT submitted by Due Date will receive a non-passing “F” grade.
Culminating Project files submitted through email attachment or upload under Cloud server will NOT be ACCEPTED and will NOT be GRADED.
All 3 files need to earn 80 or higher points individually (NOT the average of 3 files) to be counted as successfully completed the Culminating Project.
At the end of current term, after receive the passing grade (80% or higher) from instructor, save Part 1 – Word & Part III – PowerPoint files in PDF format, and then upload Part I & Part III PDF files to student’s ePortfolio (right-click and select “Open Link in new Tab” to open the ePortfolio instructions pdf file).
Additional Reference:
Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2016: Basics, Model Building, Simulation and Cases by Cynthia Fraser & Published by SpringerLink.

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