Prepare your drop box submission in the same order as the following directions.
Research an article, published in the last month that contains moral issues about Government or a Government official.
You must include the title and a link to the article. Be sure and also note the date of the article. The article needs to have been published in the last month.
In paragraph one use content, key terms, and concepts from the chapter to connect the article to the text. Does the text agree. disagree etc.. Explain what this article is about and how the issue of ethics in government is dealt with in this article.
Underline these key terms and concepts, and in parentheses after the term or concept, put the page number on which this idea or term is found in the text. You should have a minimum of 2 underlined terms or concepts along with the corresponding page number from the text.
In a second paragraph share your reaction to the article and its content.
Your reaction should include:
Do you agree or disagree with the article?
Is this a new development regarding the issue of ethics in government, or has it
been around for a while?
What makes the issue(s) dealt with in this article an ethical issue?
How does it affect how you view the government?
If you think something is unethical in the article, how should we fix it?
If you think something happened as it should have, why do you think that, and how
should we encourage more of this kind of action?
Do you think citizens share in the responsibility of keeping government officials
behaving ethically? How?
The word count should be at least 300 words and included on the submission.

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