This project is designed to evaluate your knowledge of The Learner.  You will apply your knowledge of the Learner to those learning strategies and activities you have observed in classrooms.  

Project 700.2 The Learner:  Observation Reflections Aligned to Theories of Child Development and Learning Theory

Following the observation of each classroom, identify the activities that are developmentally appropriate. Activities should encompass physical, cognitive and affective development.

· Identify the theorist associated with each developmental level.

· Identify the use of learning styles (Brain-based learning) or multiple intelligences strategies

· Identify the theorist associated with learning styles and multiple intelligences in each instance

· Identify the motivational strategies utilized by the teacher and the theorist associated with the strategies.

· You must have observed at least two classrooms.  An exemplary rating requires at least three observations.  You may use either on-site or online observations.  As a reminder, the course Classroom Observations and Reflections is available in your Canvas course list.

· Write the paper in the format of a professional paper. You are scored on the organization of the paper and your ability to write professionally. Your reflection and analysis of the classroom are important. See the rubric for specific criteria at each rating level.

Theorists you should utilize in this paper are the following: Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky, Abraham Maslow, Howard Gardner, Eric Jensen. You may use outside research into these theorists to complete this assignment.

For this project, you are scored according to the 700.2 Rubric  Download 700.2 Rubric. Please review this rubric carefully before beginning and submitting the project.  You must score at least 48 out of 60 points.  You may submit up to four times or until you reach a passing score.

 Assignment Instructions

Observe at least two classrooms in your subject area/grade level or you can review (2) recorded videos from the course Classroom Observations and Reflections is available in your Canvas course list. Using the theories and strategies taught in the course, write a paper identifying the following observations.  Your paper should be at least two pages and reference theories, theories, and strategies observed in the classrooms. You are scored using the rubric below.

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