In this assignment, your task is to identify a business organization that has a central business problem
arising from any one of the 5 environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, or
regulatory forces). Your goal is to investigate and identify possible solutions that could resolve the
problems or challenges faced by the business organization.
Based on the class assignment tasks, prepare a written report as your submission.
Format: Typewritten, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri.
Submission: This report, in a Word Doc or PDF format
– A writer who understands marketing and the principles of the concept
Needs to:
Identification of all major problems and related issues involved in the situation
Identified all relevant causal factors involved in a problem situation.
Effective application of all relevant theories, methods, systems, and technologies to address the problem.
Generation of highly efficient and effective solutions to the problem.
Provides strongly persuasive arguments and evidence to support proposed solutions.
Sources you’ll be using:

Record stores still spinning from pandemic but sales are trending up
– You can use one or two other sources you find to help you find a solution to the problem this organization faces
– Please have a reference page at the end (not part of the 2 page count)
– Name the store you’re citing in the paper
– I attached notes from the chapters from my book to help you follow the instructions better (:

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