Thesis Proposal:

The description of the pragmatics of Self-Praise and Self-Denigration by Jordanian youth on online setting

Make the topic a bit better if possible. Otherwise it's fine

I Want to use politeness theory by “Levinson”.

The Thesis will be on literal and ironic level.

Number of data will be more than 200, as the instructor told me that she needs data for at-least 200 candidates. However, make the data to 300 candidates instead just to be sure.

Age Group will be in twenties. 22 – 27 Almost. And that should include both males and females.

The thesis will be on online setting. Not only Instagram but also Facebook and Twitter and maybe WhatsApp, “ONLINE SETTING”.

You're required to fill the proposal in the same file that I will send you. The instructor will see it first, and if accepted, this will be delivered to the Graduate Studies Department

Use this references and other references

1: Chalak, A. (2021). Pragmatics of Self-Praise and Self-Presentation by Iranian EFL Learners on Instagram. TESL-EJ, 25(1), n1.

2. Jia, M., & An, Y. (2021). María Elena Placencia and Zohreh R. Eslami (Eds.), Complimenting Behavior and (Self-) Praise Across Social Media: New Contexts and New Insights. International Journal of Communication, 15, 4.

3. Dayter, D. (2014). Self-praise in microblogging. Journal of Pragmatics, 61, 91-102.

4. Ren, W., & Guo, Y. (2020). Self-praise on Chinese social networking sites. Journal of Pragmatics, 169, 179-189.

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