Purpose of this Assessment
Classical and contemporary leadership theories offer leaders a “toolbox” of approaches and
solutions that can enhance leadership effectiveness in addressing organizational issues. In this
Final Assessment, you will analyze the value of four different leadership approaches in resolving a
real-world issue. In essence, your leadership challenge is a case study in which you will assess the
impact of utilizing four different leadership theories or models to address the identified challenge.
In addition, you will evaluate your strengths in applying each of the four approaches, and
recommend an action plan to increase your effectiveness. And finally you will reflect on the insights
gained from this assignment.
Items Required for Submission
Prepare and submit a 15 – 20 page paper that briefly describes the leadership challenge, defines and
applies four leadership theories to the situation, analyzes your leadership style and strengths in
using each selected theory or model, and reflects on insights gained. A well-constructed paper will
reference 10 or more sources, and adhere to APA standards.
Step ONE: Describe a Leadership Challenge
Situation Description
Think of the leadership challenge that you identified in Milestone 4. In 1 – 2 pages describe this
challenge. In this description, position yourself as the leader, and identify areas of concern, key
players (names optional), and your goal(s) in addressing the challenge. You may choose to update
the challenge you identified in the Milestones.
Here are examples of possible leadership challenges
you may reference. As the leader you must:
● Facilitate employees adjusting to new responsibilities after a re-organization or lay-off
● Supervise former peers
Change employees’ focus from quantity to quality
● Build collaboration among different departments or individuals
● Manage a disgruntled employee who didn’t get promoted
● Transform a team from being competitive to collaborative
● Gain cooperation and support from a cross-functional team of peers
● Increase volunteer participation in a non-profit organization or school event
● Encourage parents of a youth sport to focus on sportsmanship over winning
Step TWO: Match Leadership Theories
Leadership Theories and Models
Identify four (4) of the leadership theories or models that are most relevant in addressing your
leadership challenge.
Define and describe the components or elements of each theory or model
selected, and discuss why you chose this approach to address your challenge. Select four theories
or models from the following.
Leadership Grid Transformational Leadership
Situational Leadership Servant Leadership
Path-Goal Authentic Leadership
Leader-Member Exchange Adaptive Leadership
Step THREE: Apply Leadership Theories
Application of Theories and Models
Analyze your leadership challenge through the lens of each selected leadership theories providing
explicit and direct links to the components of the theory or model as they relate to the situation.
Based on your analysis, draw valid conclusions on the impact and value of each theory in
addressing your challenge.
Step FOUR: Integrated Recommendation
Integrated Recommendation
Recognizing that often a significant challenge is best addressed by integrating multiple approaches,
discuss your action plan of how you would use the “toolbox” of the selected leadership theories to
successfully resolve the leadership challenge.
Step FIVE: Analyze Your Leadership Style
Leadership Style
Analyze your strengths and style(s) as a leader assessing your effectiveness in the leadership
approaches described in the above section. Identify your strengths and areas needing
improvement; recommending three (3) actions you will take to enhance your leadership practice.
Step SIX: Reflection
Reflective Analysis
Reflect on four (4) specific insights you learned about leadership from this assignment. In your
reflection, describe what surprised you, the effectiveness of the leadership theories in addressing
your challenge, and how your thinking and/or behavior changed.

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