Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop your skills as a critical thinker and writer through
explaining and evaluating a normative ethical theory. By completing this assignment, you will have a deeper
understanding of at least one theory we have studied by testing the boundaries of its coherence and adequacy
as a guide for ethical living.
Research Requirement: Your paper must incorporate at least one author we have read in class and one
additional author that we have not read for class.
What is the relation between morality and happiness? Should the moral person also be a happy
person? Why or why not? In formulating your answer, discuss the views of some of the
philosophers we’ve studied in class
Written 3/5 pages, I have no idea how to wrap it up, we read mills, kant, and aristotle in class. Just at a total loss on how to fill those last pages, I do need one more source

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