Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Practice Guidelines, and Consumer Health Informatics
Remember to support your opinions, conclusions, and responses to peer students’ posts with evidence, academic articles, and text using 7th ed. APA citations. Include a References page at the end of your post.
Choose one of the following questions to answer in your initial post.
Question #1:
Changing the habits of patients in regard to their healthcare by requiring more responsibility and involvement is a tough hurdle. How do you envision enhancing client or consumer education in your practice area or potential practice area using an electronic platform?
Question #2
Evidence-based practice is essential and present in informatics infrastructure. How are meta-research and clinical practice guidelines incorporated and integrated into the EHR clinical templates and point-of-care tools? Do you have any specific examples from your practice site or area? Hint: As a GHC student, you have an embedded librarian in this course.

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