Question 1- Case Study & Questions
Amazon is well known multinational business. A major investment strategy is in place to improve its ability to be more successful and achieve competitive advantage by use of information systems linked to Cloud Computing.
A) Describe the evolving role of Cloud Computing within modern day organisations from cloud computing service models point of view. (15 marks)
B) Discuss the key benefits organisations like Amazon gain after adopting Cloud Computing. (15 marks)
(Maximum 1000 words) (30 marks) (LOs: 1, 2)
Question 2 – Security and Privacy
Suggest any three security requirements that any organisation must implement and explain how a framework can be used by organisations for security and control of its data. Example required.
(Maximum 1000 words) (30 marks) (LOs: 3)
Question 3 Telecommunication and spreadsheets
A) Choose an organisation. Discuss some of the key networking infrastructure your choice of organisation might use for everyday business operations. (20 marks)

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