What are you looking forward to in taking this online course? Do you have any questions, topics, or skills in mind that you want to explore?
How have this week’s assigned readings impacted your ideas on gender, sexuality, and identity? Have they shifted them? Affirmed them?
Respond to the questions above in a forum post of at least 500 words total (not for each question). For full credit, your response should cite (1) the Rubin OR Vance reading and (2) one other reading for the week, for a minimum of two in-text citations.
Then, respond to two of your peers’ posts. Peer responses should be at least 150 words each. (Note: You have to post before you can see other students’ posts to respond to. Plan with this in mind.) For tips on writing posts and replies, view this.
Citations: You must properly cite the readings to receive full credit. Citations should look like this: (Vance 161) or (Vance 1998, 161), for example. If you are paraphrasing a general idea in the reading, you do not need to include a page number, only author and year. Both direct quotes and paraphrases of specific ideas require citations!

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