Read CASE 14.1:
Where in Figure 14.1 would you place the National Geographic Society’s relationship with for-profit National Geographic Partners?
Considering Figure 14.3, what “leverageable assets” did National Geographic possess that made it an attractive partner for 21st Century Fox and later for Disney?
How might the National Geographic Society have evaluated the possibility of its partnership with 21st Century Fox with regard to the information presented in Table 14.1 in this chapter?
Some people expressed concerns about National Geographic’s partnership with 21st Century Fox as well as the subsequent purchase of National Geographic Partners by Disney. How do the concerns described in this case relate to those discussed in the section of this chapter titled “Sorting Out the Issues?” Do you share any of these concerns? If so, why?

Please answer these questions in a 500-word minimum double-spaced, TimesNewRoman 12 pt. font. Word count does not include title or reference pages.Use APA formatting to cite and list your eText and at least one additional scholarly source for a total of at least 2 references. Please review your APA formatting here at (Links to an external site.)
Please note that your rough draft and final draft will be checked by Turnitin for similarity. It is essential to use your own words, carefully paraphrase, minimize quoting, and fully review the plagiarism policy before submitting. For similarity higher than 15%, it is possible that your paper will receive a 0 if plagiarism has occurred. It is not allowed to use word-for-word research from previous classes. Reusing substantial portions of your own work from a previous class is called self-plagiarism…
Definition of self-plagiarism:
The act of using part or all of an assignment you submitted in another course without permission from your current instructor or without citing your work correctly.
Scenarios in which you may reuse prior course work:
Scenario A: If you withdrew or received an F and are retaking the class you are allowed to reuse papers from that course. You must inform your instructor of your intent to reuse this paper before submitting.
Scenario B: If you want to use a small portion of a paper from a prior course that you feel would aid in communicating information in this current course, you must secure permission from me and cite your information according to the APA Style Guide. These requests are rarely approved, since each assignment is unique and designed to offer an opportunity for you to expand on your knowledge of the subject matter rather than recycle prior information.

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