Read the lecture on essay writing. Review the outline posted at its end
Watch the Video files explaining this assignment.
Write an essay of about 600 words or 3 typed pages on the following topic:
– Choose any angle of language that you have been exposed to through the readings of the last two weeks like silence as punishment, silence as a deep form of expression, miscommunication, change of meaning, education and words, communication and success, etc. to write your essay about.
Refer to at least three of the essays that we have read in the last two weeks evaluating the opinions and information they give to support your point of view.
Document the essays you use with both parentheticals (should show page numbers) and a Works Cited Page, MLA style.
Don’t forget to submit your essay to the assignment link on calendar.
4. Review the sample student essay posted for an example of how an essay like this should be written.
5. Carefully review documenting a pdf file MLA style on the link provided for MLA Guidelines on Modules. Also review the video that shows how to do it.
Review how to use punctuation marks with quotations and parentheticals. Apply this rule to your essay..
7. Edit your essay for grammatical and mechanical errors before submission.

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