Referencing Course Material is Required: Refer to as much of the course material as you can. It is highly recommended that you BOLD those references. They need not be formal cites; but they should be descriptions, such as “Textbook, page xxx” or “the video that focused on xxxx,” etc. Course material includes postings on Canvas, the textbook, and the information covered in lectures.
Please write your answers in paragraph format. Answers must be several paragraphs or more
Using the Peterson case in Chapter 6 of the textbook, make the argument that a higher percentage of civil cases should get to go to a jury trial than currently do.
Consider this scenario:
The Hershey Company (maker of chocolate products) gave a million dollars to a candidate for president, Abby Leventon. Abby won, and when a Supreme Court justice retired, she nominated Judge Peter Black, who had previously ruled in favor of chocolate companies being able to pay reduced taxes. During the Senate Confirmation hearing, the president of The Hershey Company met with several Senators who were about to run for re-election, offering them funding, and encouraging them to confirm Black. Judge Black was indeed confirmed and became a Supreme Court Justice.
This scenario is an example of what kind of influence on judges and the judicial process, and what are some other kinds of influences? Thoroughly explain.
Describe in detail what it means, and what happens, when an appellate court finds that a trial court judge abused their discretion, but finds that such abuse was a harmless error.

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