Reflection means that students think about their own thoughts and analysis.
For this assignment, each student will write a 4-page minimum paper focused on their own reflections of how professional ethics codes relate to social justice, cultural competence, and their own professional goals. Please indicate your professional goals in the discussion and you can reference specific ethical codes in your discussion related to your profession.
For example, if your professional goal is to work in early childhood, the NAEYC code is more appropriate to reference than the Child life Specialist Code. Child Life Specialist work with medically ill infants/babies and their families. Similarly, if your professional goal is to work with trouble youths, the Child Life Specialist Code would not be applicable.
There is not a specific format for this paper, but you should do your best professional work. You should follow APA format, a 12- point font and standard margins. You paper should not contain spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors. Your paper should be 4 pages minimum double-spaced.
If you use someone else’s word to help formulate and convey your thoughts please cite the source. In-text citation and “References” page should follow APA format. The reference page or a cover page does not count towards the 4 pages for the paper.

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