Regardless of the type of position you take upon leaving NC State, at some point in your career you will be asked to assess the financial health of your organization (whether for external stakeholders or for your own planning). The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with experience assessing the financial status of a sports organization.
The organization is to be selected by each student. You are encouraged to use organizations with which you have experience (e.g., an internship site) or make personal contact with organizational staff to gain access to minimal financial records or be able to research revenues and expenses online.
CRITERIA (Please see provided rubric for point allocation)
1. Cover (1 Page) The Financial Analysis will have a cover that provides the title of the organization and
identifies the preparer of the report. The cover should be professional-looking.
2. Organization Profile (1 Page, 2 Sub‐sections) The organization profile should provide the following:
Overview: A brief history and overview of the organization, including basic history, current goals, key
leaders, and operations. Should include the organization’s legal name and corporate classification (if appropriate) More is expected than copy/pasting from the organization’s website
Activities: A brief description of the organization’s primary products, services, events, facilities, and programs.
3. Industry Environment (1 Page) This section will briefly summarize the industry sector in which your
organization operates. While this may include an overview of the league, it should focus more broader. For
example, if you choose NC State Athletics, this section should focus on NCAA Division 1 College Sports; If
you choose NCFC Youth, then this section would focus on youth sports (or youth soccer specifically); If the
Carolina Panthers, then not only the NFL but professional spectator sports too. This section should
provide a brief overview of historical trends and current important events, challenges, issues, and changes
that may affect the financial performance of your organization (and similar organizations) in the future. This
section should address specific trends and issues facing the industry that have been identified through
4. Revenue and Expenditure Summary (1 page, not including any tables or charts provided) This section should
have a discussion of the major annual operating revenues and expenses of your organization. Ideally, you
will have specific information for your company, but you may use an industry standard if financial data are
unavailable. Please explain what the major revenue and expense categories are for your organization (or similar
organization), how they compare, and whether your organization is profitable or not (and what are the
annual profits/losses).
5. Financial Analysis and Discussion (2 pages) This section should be your assessment of the current financial
standing of the organization or industry and its future. Examine the information you have presented and
add to it in order to analyze the organization’s finances and assess future financial performance. The best
papers will have sections that use 2 or 3 reference points discussed in-class readings and lectures. For
example, benchmarking with peer organizations, examining trends over time, and ratio analysis. This section
should also include references to support your assessment or introduce an expert assessment of the
organization’s financial standing.
In‐text citations for outside reference sources are expected in each section where appropriate.

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